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Average Notes Tricks Shortcuts

In this,we will study the topic “Average” .Solve the exercise with the tricks & tips and shortcuts on the MCQs type questions. Also see the proper examples and full explanation. Candidates preparing for ibps bank exam (Clerk,PO,SO) can also download these “must have notes” in the PDF format.

Average Notes Tricks Shortcuts

Average Study Notes

What is average

Average(औसत) is a simple mean.It is calculated on the sum of elements divided by the  numbers of elements.In the school time,you will learn about the  average is the mean of the numbers that is same as competitive exam also.


Average=(Sum of elements/Numbers of elements)

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Find Average Speed

Suppose a person covers a certain distance at M kmph and an equal distance at N kmph. Then the average speed during the whole journey is \frac { 2xy }{ x+y } kmph.

Important Formula Related to Average of numbers

1. Average of first n natural number=(n+1)/2

2. Average of first n even number= (n+1)

3. Average of first n odd number= n

4. Average of consecutive number= (First number+Last number)/2

5. Average of 1 to n odd numbers=  (Last odd number+1)/2

6. Average of 1 to n even numbers=  (Last even number+2)/2

7. Average of squares of first n natural numbers=[(n+1)(2n+1)]/6

8. Average of the cubes of first n natural number=[n(n+1)^2]/4

9. Average of n multiples of any number=[Number*(n+1)]/2

These notes will help you for Competitive Exam(SSC,Railways & others).

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