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Daily Aptitude for LIC AAO and other bank exams : Time and Work questions

  • Practice set time and work questions (Level-1)
  1.  10 men can do a piece of work in 5 days, How many men are needed to complete a work in 25 days?
    a) 2 men          b) 4 men          c) 1 men          d) 5 men
  2. A finish a work in 5 days, B finish the same work in 20 days, How long will they take to finish the same work together?
    a) 5 days         b)10 days         c) 3 days         d) 4 days
  3. 20 men can prepare 40 toys in 24 days working 18 hours a day. then in how many days can 36 men prepare 48 toys working 16 hours a day?
    a) 16 days        b) 12 days       c) 21 days       d) 18 days
  4. A finish a work in 4 days, B took 12 days to finish the same work and C took 20 days, in how many days working together, A, B and C will finish the work.
    a)60/23 days    b)55/23 days    c)40/23 days   d)50/23 days
  5. if 3 men or 5 women can reap a field in 43 days, how long will 5 men and 6 women take to reap it.
    a) 15 days        b) 25 days       c) 18 days       d)12 days
  6. A and B finish a job in 12 days, while A, B and C can finish it in 8 days, C alone will finish the job in;
    a) 16 days        b) 24 days       c) 14 days       d) 20 days
  7. shivam can finish a work in 16 days at 5 hrs a day, Arun can finish it in 12 days at 4 hrs a day, find in how many ways, both can finish it in working 6 hrs a day.
    a) 4 days          b)6 days          c) 7 days         d) 5 days
  8. A and B can together do a piece of work in 7 days, if A does twice as much work as B in a given time, find how long A alone would take to do the work.
    a) 21 days        b) 19/2 days       c) 10 days        d)21/2 days
  9. A is twice as fast as B, and is therefore able to finish a work in 30 days less than B. Find the time in which they can do it working together.
    a)16 days         b) 20 days          c) 24 days        d) 21 days
  10. A certain number of men can do a work in 45 days. if there were 4 men less it could be finished in 15 days more. How many men are there?
    a)16 men           b) 20 men          c) 12 men       d) 18 men
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