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English Cloze Test Notes for Bank Exam

English Cloze Test Notes for Bank Exam - A cloze reading test is an activity where the applicants are provided with a passage which has certain word missing it. It follows soundly that to top such as assessment. Candidates must have a strong vocabulary with a talent for English grammar. It is important to understand the flow and context of the passage. While the cloze test for IBPS PO is considered by many to be the toughest question type in the paper, there are some simple tips and tricks to solving these.These tips getting more score in IBPS PO CWE Prelims Result.


Read carefully

Read the passage provided very carefully to form knowledge about the topic. Read gently and improvement an understanding of the text. Once the knowing the topic of the text is clear, your work becomes easy. You can then go on to think of the suitable words that suit the condition being described and proceed to filling in the blanks.

Type of Word to Fill in

Now look at the blanks carefully and consider the kind of words you have to fill in. Which part of speech would it be? Would it be a noun, a pronoun, a verb, a preposition, a conjunction or an article?

Remove options

You will often come across a blank that has more than one correct option. List out all these options and try them one by one. Use the one that seems most fitting. Instead of getting confused, think of words that are appropriate not only to the given sentence but also fit the context of the entire passage.

Practice makes a man perfect

In the last, there is no temporary for hard work and practice. Try to complete three to four passages in each day while preparing the cloze test and get an insight the problem areas. Work on them  and go give your best.

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