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English Reading Comprehension Notes for IBPS

Reading the passage or comprehension plans are good tools that everyone can use to help know the sense of what you read. Comprehension depends on the complexity of the text, or the complexity of vocabulary. Candidates are familiar to solve simple and direct passages in their school days but when it comes to competition exam; it is very difficult task because candidates unable to understand the meaning of words and concept of the passage, candidate becomes dull and uninterested from the section. Some tips and strategies are getting to success in the comprehension examination.There tips getting more score in IBPS PO CWE Prelims Result.

Tips and Strategies for Comprehension

Find the strengths first

To improve reading comprehension, first you need to find your strengths first. The conservative approach to solving a passage is, to read the passage first, and then go to the questions and solve them.

Time Management

“I know all the answers, but I didn’t have enough time to solve” .

Have you ever heard these kinds of complaints? Competitive examinations not only test your knowledge and skills but your Time Management also.

Practice a lot

Normally, students who believe themselves weak in Reading Comprehension are unwilling to practice.

Improve Your Vocabulary

Having a good vocabulary, makes you understand the reading Comprehension much easier.
How to improve your vocabulary?

  • Start reading in English, anything…….  Newspapers, stories, comics, text books….anything, that keeps you immersed in English. New words gradually sink into your subconscious mind and become familiar.
  • Keep a notebook, Note down the new words you learned today and revise them periodically.
  • Keep a target and a schedule to learn a certain number of new words every day. You are the better person to decide the number… I am not. Do not deviate from the schedule at any cost.
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Solve previous papers

By solving the previous papers you can understand and identify what kind of questions are appearing in the examination, so that you will be mentally prepared for those kinds of questions.

  • Some questions are Simple
  • Some Draw Inferences
  • Some of the RC questions will ask you about a specific word from a paragraph
  • some are Parallel Reasoning Questions

Understand Purpose

When reading it is important to consider two things. First, what knowledge do you want to extract from the text?

  • Do you want to read the text for enjoyment?
  • Do you wish to memorize the information?
  • Do you wish to gain an overview of the information?
  • Do you need to perform a detailed analysis?
  • Do you need to quickly sift through the text to see if it contains any references to a particular subject?
  • Do you want an objective review?
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Second, what did the author set out to achieve in writing the text?

  • Were they trying to describe something?
  • Were they writing an informative text?
  • Were they explaining something?
  • Are they writing instructions?
  • Are they trying to persuade you to a point of view?

Never lose confidence

 By looking, the comprehension do not let any assumed of caution enter into your mind.

All the best

 Following the above mentioned Reading Comprehension tips certainly brings you good marks in your academic tests.

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