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Generation of Computer Notes For Bank Exam

Generation of Computer Notes For Bank Exam -

Today we are providing some study material for Generation of computer. "Computer is basically an auto-electronic device whose work is to solve logical and arithmetic problems or in other words “Computer is a device or a flexible machine which converts raw analog data to digital understandable information".

As the time passed, the computer device made a permanent place in our lives and became a dependable machine which can remove the work pressure and can do work much faster. The computer generation started in the year 1946 with the first computer named as ENIAC.

Generation of computer

First Generation

vacuum tubesIn the first stage of computer, we used vacuum tubes. These vacuum tubes are slower in processing speed and used machine language which was hard to understandable as instruction in 0 or 1.These first generation computer was bigger in size even occupied entire room , generates lot of heat and was very expensive So these can’t be used continuously for longer duration of time.


Third Generation

ICIn Third generation of computer was used to integrated circuits. ICs were reduced the size, increases storage capacity  and faster the speed of computer. These extremely small electronics can perform calculations and store data using either digital or analog technology.


Fifth Generation


Fifth generation saw the start of artificial intelligence, features like voice recognition are made possible with artificial intelligence as machine able to respond in natural language and have capability to learn and organize themselves.


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