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IBPS Clerk Job Profile

IBPS Clerk Job profile(आईबीपीएस क्लर्क  जॉब  प्रोफाइल): Role of IBPS bank clerk is an important person for the bank because clerk is the front officer in charge who deals with the customers. He gives inquiries and details to all the customers. Office clerks do a mix-up work of everything around the office. Depending on the job, office clerks might answer phones, filing, data processing,official work such as faxing, envelope stuffing, sorting incoming mail and much more.

Necessities for a clerk job in bank

Necessities for a clerk job in bank (बैंक में क्लर्क की नौकरी के लिए आवश्यकताएं) - Details are for the clerk job :-

  • Educational Qualification: Graduation Degree (any discipline).
  • Age limit between 20- 28 years.
  • Proficiency in local language is necessary.
  • Certification in Computer (depends on the vacancy).

Kinds of Clerks In Banks

There are many sort of clerks in Banks :
• Accounting clerks
• Exchange clerks
• Interest calculating clerks
• Statement clerks
• Loan clerks
• Security clerks etc.

Duties of a clerk during probation period

There are following duties in the probation period for aclerk:

1. IBPS Clerk for Single Window Operator (SWO)

The following duties comes under the practice part of an IBPS Clerk like managing receipt of cheques, drafts, cash passing and cash payment.

2. IBPS Clerk for Head Cashier (HC)

The head cashier’s duties will include holding the bank keys, bank’s cash,and various other valuables in his safe custody, managing with an officer being accountable and responsible for the efficient running of the cash department.

3. IBPS Clerk for Special Assistants (SA)

The Special Assistant’s duties contains checking and controlling the work of all the clerks and sub staff and also he/she will be accountable and responsible for managing their concerned department/section according to (section 4 IBPS).

4. IBPS Clerk for Universal Teller: (UT)

The Universal teller’s duties will be to collect and receive cheques, handling withdrawal forms, update pass books, verify customer’s account details, signature etc. And explain the features of Bank’s various products and services to their customers.

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Job Duties and Tasks for the Office Clerk in Banks

1) Collect, count, and pay money, do basic bookkeeping and complete banking transactions.

2) Conversation with the bank customers, employees, distribute or explain accurate information, helping in customers and staff and address customer complaints.

3) Answering telephonic calls, direct calls and taking messages.

4) Sorting and filing records of various office activities, organizing business transactions, and many other activities.

5) Managing mail, bills, business contracts, bank related policies, invoices etc.

6) Operate bank machines, like photocopiers & scanners, facsimile machine, voice & mail systems and personal computers of staff etc.

7) Record and proofread notes and other looking out other information such as records and reports.

8) Maintain and update, database systems manually or using a computer managing inventories etc.

9) Open, sort and manage all the incoming Emails, making outgoing mails, answer correspondence.

10) Review files, records, and other documents to acquire information to requests.

11) Inventory and order of goods and services, supplies, and other services. 

12) To pass information and run errands.

13) Organizing office calendars and managing work schedules.

14) Process and prepare government and making expense reports.

15) Monitor the schedule for low level clerks in bank.

17) Managing and measuring various materials in office premises.

18) Train other staff members and employees to perform various work activities, like how to use computer.

19) Organize meeting schedules, attend official meetings, and record all other data.

20) Control and manage various problems that arises in bank.

21) Supervising and making travel arrangements for office personnel.

Job Activities for IBPS Clerk

Using Computer - Interacting computers and computer systems (including hardware and software), writing software, Programming set up, writing data and process information.
Collecting Information- Collecting, receiving and managing all the information and data that is needed.

Interacting with Supervisors and Subordinates in office - Giving information to office supervisors, co-employees, and subordinates either via telephone, in written, e-mail, or in person directly.

Settling and making Bonding within staff - Making strong and agreeing working relationship within staff, and managing them on regular basis.

Procurement of Administrative schedule: Scheduling of administrative events and meetings of bank personnel.

Transforming Data in usable form- Collecting the data, coding, calculating,audit, making tables etc to verify the data.

Recording Data and Information- Recording the data and various information in bank either on computer or in hand written.

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Working with and for Public- Dealing customers on daily basis is an essential part of clerk in an office, this is considered as one of the most important feature of the clerical job profile.

Building particular Work Goals- Making particular work goals is very important and essential as it is helpful in completing work at a definite time.

Making Decisions and Solving Problems- Analyzing information and evaluating results to choose the best solution and solve problems.

Identifying Objects, Actions, and Events- Identifying information by categorizing, estimating, recognizing differences or similarities, and detecting changes in circumstances or events.

Interaction with outside Body- Maintaining proper relations with outside person or outside body such as other banks, government, Business companies are pretty much needed.

Renovate by new Ideas: Renovate yourself by using new ideas and set of information and apply it in your working on a regular basis to achieve your goals effectively.

Useful skills for IBPS Clerk

1) Paying Attention: Paying attention to customers is very important as it is the most needed skill in banks, Do not interrupt the customer before the completion of what they are speaking.
2) Concentration on Reading: Reading sentences and paragraphs to indulge yourself in English speaking.
3) Enhanced Writing: Writing should be done in a proper way as it will help in managing office work properly.
4)  Quality of Speaking : Increase the quality of  your speaking with regular practice at home or at workplace .
5) Understanding social values: While working always maintain a proper perspective to respect others values socially and adequately.

Abilities Needed for Office Clerk

1) Oral Intelligence - The ability speak and listen from the peoples to understand the conversation is particularly needed.
2) Way of Speaking: Speak in that way that is understandable to listener, so that you can convey your message easily and effectively.
3) Speech Acknowledging: Understand the speech of the speaker in a way so that you can help him/her easily.
4) Speak clearly: There is a proper way to speak so always speak in an appropriate way to convey your message. 
5) Written Skills: Proper and adequate skills of writing are needed for the job profile of clerk.
6) Perfect Observing Skills: To understand the future you must understand the present and compile the events that properly to observe what is coming your way.
7) Compiling the Information: An IBPS job aspirant must know how to compile the information and use it in a proper way.
8) Mathematics Knowledge: Mathematics knowledge is must for a clerk. Simple mathematics up to class tenth is adequate .
9) Concentration on tasks: Making a proper eye on the tasks is always handy and helpful in working as a clerk.
10) Mathematical Reasoning -Working on the reasoning skills will be helpful as it allows including new methods in working. To enhance your reasoning skills see the Reasoning Study Material.

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Knowledge and experience required for IBPS clerk

1) Customer Service: Proper skills are needed to handle the customers at bank, for this the aspirant must make clear goals on how to provide maximum satisfaction to their respective customers.

2) Clerical Knowledge- In order to work as a clerk in a bank one should have basic clerical knowledge like data entering, processing information, simple computer work etc.

3) English Language Skills- English language skills are also needed to translate the meanings of the words, understanding the rules of composition and basic grammar is also needed. Increase your English skills by learning from English Notes.

4) Mathematics Knowledge- General mathematics skills like calculations, algebra etc. helps in dealing day to day problems.

5) Accounting and Economics - Accounting principles and practices knowledge and economic information like financial market news are needed in this job too.

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IBPS Clerk Job Profile

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