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IBPS Clerk TWS Calculation – How To Find Total Weighted Score?

IBPS Result aren’t calculated the way many people think. The CWE score of IBPS Clerk Examination or IBPS PO Exams are calculated as what we call IBPS clerk TWS, Total Weighted Score and calculation of Total Weighted Standard Score (TWSS) is not done only on the basis of number of correct answers but is more complex than that.

Let’s try and understand more about IBP Clerk TWSS.

How does basic marks seems to be calculated? Well, actually what happens is that candidates think there is that simple way of calculation of marks as 1 mark for each correct answer and -0.25 marks for each wrong answer, but in real what happens is that many other factors like number of questions attempted, difficulty level of correct answers and more are what determine your total calculation of IBPS Clerk TWS or CWE Score.

How is IBPS Clerk TWS Calculated?

How to calculate total weight in ibps clerk: Here is the way it is calculated.

  1. First of all, average gross mark or general CWE Score is calculated on the basis of number of correct and wrong answers. For example, let us consider that total number of correct answers by a candidate is 30 and he has solved 12 answers wrong. In this case his gross score would be – 30*1 – 12*0.25 = 27.
  2. Then considering the difficulty level of sessions, an equated score is calculated.¬†This second stage of IBPS Clerk TWS calculation is what many people ignore. Let’s assume that for a particular section of questions, many students attempted and did the answer wrong which basically makes the average mark obtained for that section very low. In this case, that section is considered as difficult section and those who have done well in that section get a boost in the equated TWS calculated thereby.
  3. Mean and Standard Deviation of Equated Score then determines the final TWS of IBPS Clerk examination.  The marks are then brought to the rounded form of nearest integer and thus the final list of qualified candidates is created.
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So this is how generally the Final TWS or Total Weighted Score in IBPS examination is calculated.

Updated: October 10, 2017 — 7:04 am

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