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IBPS English Adverbs Notes for Bank Exam

An adverb is a word that is used to change or qualify the meaning of an adjective, a verb, a clause, another adverb, or any other type of word or phrase with the exception of determiners and adjectives that directly modify nouns.


Types of adverbs

There are four types of adverbs are as :-

Adverbs of mannerAdverb of placeAdverb of timeAdverb of frequency

Adverb of place tells us about the place of action or where action occurs/occurred/will occur.
e.g. here, there, near, somewhere, outside, ahead, on the top, at some place.


       He will come here.
       The children are playing outside.
       He was standing near the wall.
       They were flying kites on the top of hill.
       He lives somewhere in New York.
       She went upstairs.

Adverbs of frequency tell us how many times the action occurs or occurred or will occur.
e.g. daily, sometimes, often, seldom, usually, frequently, always, ever, generally, rarely, monthly, yearly.


        He goes to school daily.
        She never smokes.
        He is always late for class.
        They always come in time.
        Barking dogs seldom bite.
        The employees are paid monthly.
        The employees are paid every month.

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