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Logical Reasoning Questions for IBPS Bank Exam

IBPS conducts various exams for the different posts like Clerk, PO, and Special Officers. In these exams, there are sections such as Reasoning, Aptitude, Computer, English and Marketing & General Awareness. Here we  will focus one of the  4 parts i.e. Reasoning. Reasoning include following sections: Verbal reasoning, Non-verbal reasoning, Logical reasoning and Aptitude reasoning. It is an important section in government jobs examinations. In this we will study Logical Reasoning with examples and their solutions.

What is reasoning

Reasoning(रीजनिंग)  is the ability to make sense out of things,verifying facts,applying logic, and changing or justifying proceedings and faith on various practices. It closely constitutes human knowledge sections such as science, language, mathematics and arts. Reasoning basically includes the questions related to puzzled or jumbled problems.

What is Logical Reasoning

The “logic” word has been derived from the Greek word "logos" which means "thoughts". Therefore, logic is the science of understanding something which is expressed in any language. In logical reasoning, a group of statements is called a proposition. Logical reasoning depends on the various thoughts which are to understand. 

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Standard form of proposition

Qualifier + Subject + Copula + Predicate






What is logical reasoning problem

It is not directly related to the reasoning but it includes some mathematics related problems. In this this section, questions are asked on both mathematics and reasoning. It comes under all IBPS bank exams. In this section, we are providing logical reasoning problem and their solutions for IBPS Bank exam. Logical reasoning has multiple choice questions, they subsist problems like what changes are to be done and what impact will they have in future. From this section, questions are given to check and analyze the logical skills of the candidate.The questions are created on short argument drawn from a variety of sources. The section also includes questions related to surveys and the choices are given from which you can choose the suitable answers.

How to progress and solve logical reasoning problem

How to answer logical reasoning problems in bank exam?

We will now discuss how to solve logical reasoning problems . To solve IBPS logical reasoning questions you should follow this given logical reasoning problem strategy: It will testy your ability to calculate and draw logical conclusions on various arguments. This topic contains all topics  which are related to reasoning.The reasoning section is very essential section in IBPS bank exam because every organization wants to check the thinking ability of their future employees. Candidates should have future view and deep mind processing ability.

The important topics in reasoning are analytical problems, Coding and decoding, order and ranking, sitting arrangement, puzzle, syllogism, machine input, analogy, statement ad argument, inequality, problem and birth relation.

Sitting arrangements and analogy constitutes the main part of the logical reasoning.The candidate has to find the Course and action. The number of questions are five with five marks . Solving the problems are pretty easy if done with certain logical skills.

Examples of Logical reasoning problems

Here are some examples of Logical Reasoning questions with their solutions:

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Question 1.12653218965321231 how many one’s are there in the above arrangement each of which is followed by 2.


Question 2. if CHAIR is coded as XSZRI and ABOVE  are coded as ZYLEV. how EVERY written in that code?


Question 3. Shyam travels 7 km. towards north then he turn to his right and walks 3 km. He again turns to his right and moves 7km forward. Now in which direction is he from his starting point.


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