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Mixtures & Alligation Notes & Questions

mixture&alligation.fwMixtures & Alligation Notes & Questions

In this section, we will study about the “Mixtures & Alligation” in the aptitude section of the IBPS bank exam and others. This is important for the IBPS PO.These questions have some tricks and tips for solving them. Applicant must check that how to solve questions and with an explanation. Candidate must have downloaded these notes in PDF format.

What is mixture

It is made up of two or more different substances which are mixed but are not combined chemically.

What is alligation

A rule for the solution of problems concerning the compounding or mixing of ingredients differing in price or quality.

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Mean Price

The cost price of a unit quantity of the mixture is called the mean price.

Rules of alligation


Represented as :

\frac { Qualitity\quad of\quad cheaper }{ Quantity\quad of\quad dearer } =\frac { (CP\quad of\quad dearer)-(Mean\quad Price) }{ (Mean\quad price)-(CP\quad of\quad cheaper) }

Following are the  Mixtures & Alligation Notes & Questions and Mixtures & Alligation shortcut tricks that will help you to pass IBPS clerk  and IBPS PO,thus getting a good IBPS result.

Suppose a container contains x of liquid from which y units are taken out and replaced by water.After n operations,the quantity of pure liquid=

x[(1-\frac { y }{ x } )^{ n }]

Points to Remember While Using the Rule of Alligation

– The three values alligated should always represent the same variable and should have same units.
– Alligation of 3 values of cost gives the ratio in terms of number and vice-versa.
– If two values of cost price and selling price of the mixture are given, then in such cases first calculate the cost price of the mixture and then allegate the 3 values of cost price.
– A and B represent concentration if the numerical is based on mixing of solutions.

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