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Operating System Questions For IBPS Bank Exam

Here we provide you complete details notes of "Operating system" topic. Examiner asked all questions based on this given information below so read it carefully it will help you for operating system questions and answers for IBPSCandidate those who are preparing for the IBPS Exam (Clerk, PO, SO) and others can use these tricks. Candidate can do download in PDF format.


What is OS(Operating System)

Layers_of_OS_NotesIt is an important component of the system software in a computer. It is a set of program that acts as a mediator between user and computer hardware. OS can be found on almost all modern computing devices- from mobile phones to video game consoles to web servers to supercomputers.


Functions of an Operating System

Boot up the computer

Basic computer tasks

Handling of System Resources

File management


Jobs of an Operating System

OS supports hardware and software functionality of computer system. When a user is working on a computer system, most of the time there can be more than one program, that is running simultaneously on the computer system and all are accessing the CPU, computer’s memory, and storage. Operating System is used to coordinate or maintain all these processes so that each and every program can easily use all the resources to get complete their jobs at the right time. There are certain jobs of Operating System –

Recognizing input is given from keyboard

  • Prepare output to send on display screen
  • Tracking all files, directories on computer disk
  • Maintain and control, working with physical devices (Disk Drives, keyboard  printers)

Types of an Operating System

Single user, single task OS

Single user, multi tasking OS

Multi user OS

Real time OS

Time sharing OS

Distributed OS

Network OS


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Embedded OS

Mobile OS

Why does need of Operating System

An operating system is an important role of handling software, process, memory and hardware. It allows a user to execute program and communication with the computer. It allows communication between the hardware and the software thus making it easy for tasks to be completed. It tells the computer what to do by controlling the system components, such as the processor and disk space. The three most common types of operating systems include Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. There are some features of operating system are

  1. Easy interaction between the human & computer.
  2. Starting computer operation automatically when power in turned on.
  3. Loading & scheduling users program.
  4. Controlling input & output.
  5. Controlling program execution.
  6. Managing use of main memory.
  7. Providing security to users program.
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What are different features of Operating System


  • OS provide scheduling of the processes, the process of making an efficient use of CPU time by all the different processes running on a system.
  • OS provides memory management. Memory management ensures that, if there are different programs running in a system, then all must be able to run in available memory and do not interfere with each other.
  • OS provides resources management. It manages how a resource can be allocated to different programs, demanding for that particular resource at the same time without halting the process of execution.
  • OS provides data security as well as user security so that only authorized person can access files or folder with relevant permission of access.
  • OS also handle input –output processes for programs. IT also handles communication between network and computer by taking all the details of the packet traveling on the route. this all information helps you a lot in operating system questions and answers

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