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Rearrangement of sentences for IBPS English Exams

Rearrangement of sentences or paragraph is the most usually seen question in the IBPS PO Exam and others. It is hard and time consuming questions asked in the bank exam .It consist of a collection of jumbled sentences. The aim is to rearrange the sentences in the original order. In this, there is one rearrangement of sentences are followed by 5 questions. In sentence arrangement they will give you 4-5 sentences which lack of connection and development. There will be only one way of rearranging them to get the connection between them and you should choose the correct arrangement of sentences from the given answers.

Rules and Tricks

  1. Read the whole passage. Reading is the basic condition for any English language problem. We mentioned you to read the English newspapers and English magazines.
  2. Find the subject of the passage. Once complete reading, you will try to solve the passage.
  3. As per the subject select the point which cannot go after the other lines. It is very easy; you just have to understand the theme.
  4. Now you select which sentence comes after the first.
  5. Look for the point which cannot have a follow up.
  6. Apply the grouping in the answer and you will answer them easily.
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A. Another of his start-ups was sold to Google.
B. He founded the first company to sell virtual reality products. 
C. But, unlike most of his fellow technologists, he eventually came to feel that the rise of digital networks was no panacea. 
D. He was there, more or less, at its creation. 
E. Lanier has an unusual authority to criticize the digital economy.

It is clear that first sentence should be E because all other sentences referred to he or his whereas sentence E refers to a name which is a noun and generally the passage always starts with the Noun.The sentence E says that Lanier has an unusual to criticize the digital economy.

Now, let us try to find out the pair for this, we can see that D is the only sentence that makes pair with E, because sentence E says ….Lanier……………………….digital economy. Because he was there at his creation (D) the next pair would be B & A. B tells about his first company and A tells about his other start-ups.

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So ED and BA are two pairs, so the final arrangement can be EDCBA or EDBAC. If you read both the orders carefully, you will find that EDBAC offers a better understanding.

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