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Seating Arrangement Notes Tricks & Tips

In this,we will study the topic “Seating Arrangement” .Solve the exercise with the tricks & tips and shortcuts on the MCQs type questions. Also, see the proper examples and full explanation. Candidates preparing for IBPS bank exam (Clerk,PO,SO) can also download these “must have notes” in the PDF format.

Category of Seating Arrangement

There are mainly two categories are

  1. Circular.
  2. Linear.

Circular Seating Arrangement

Persons sitting in a CIRCLE or RECTANGLE or SQUARE facing the center:

  1. Face inside circleSeating-Arrangement-Notes

      2. Face outside circle



Questions & Answers

Six girls are sitting in a circle facing to the center of the circle. They are P, Q, R, S, T and V. T is not between Q and S but some other one. P is next to the left of V. R is 4th to the right of P.

Question 1: Which of the following statement is not true ?

A. S is just next to the right to R
B. T is just next to the right of V
C. R is second to the left of T
D. P is second to the right of R


Question 2: If P and R interchange their positions then which of the following pair will sit together ?

Question 3 :What is the position of T ?
A. Just next to the right of Q
B. Second to the left of P
C. Between Q and R
D. To the immediate right of V




Question 4: Which one is sitting just right to the V?
A. P
B. T
C. R
D. S/Q



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