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Time Management Tips for IBPS Bank Exam

How to do Time management for IBPS bank Exams (हाउ  तो   टाइम  मैनेजमेंट  फॉर  आईबीपीइस  बैंक  एक्सएमस) :  IBPS Exam needs proper time management. To face the exam and solve the question paper the candidate must always know the trick to manage the time via managing it efficiently. Time plays an important factor in the exam because, to achieve a government job candidate should complete all the questions in given time . Time plays an important role for qualifying the IBPS exam. Time given for bank exam is less than the questions in the question paper. So candidate has to organize their time according to that . So, here we are providing the time management tips and techniques to manage your time during exam. 

Time management tips for candidate

The tips for the time management are as follows:-

  1. Candidate must select the easiest section of the question paper to attempt first .
  2. If the candidate is having problem in any question then he/she must spare that question to do later .
  3. English, General Awareness should be attempted first by the candidate.
  4. Candidate should take less than 1 minute for each question otherwise the paper will not get complete in given time.
  5. If its possible then spare those topics for last which are lengthy and time-consuming like puzzles or reasoning because they consume a lot of time.
  6. Before exam, candidate should try the mock tests in order to test themselves and how much time they take to complete the paper. It will help to improve the question solving timing,
  7. Always go for your strongest zone first and solve it in minimum time.
  8. Do not consider dividing equal time for each part as it can consume more time in accordance to the questions in different sections.
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Subject wise Time Management

Now we will discuss that which subject should be given highest time and some time management tips too.

Reasoning Time Management Tips

Reasoning section is the most tricky and most time-consuming section to be solved. Its major reason for time consuming are various puzzles and tricky confusing questions. Check IBPS Reasoning Preparation Tips.

  1. In reasoning, the easiest part is inequalities. Inequalities questions can be solve within seconds.
  2. Data sufficiency is also one of the easiest parts. You don’t have to brainstorm much for the right answer. This question may or may not appear in this exam, but if it appear in the test, never skip it.
  3. Blood relations, age problems and direction test are some sot of topics to be solved first.
  4. Always attempt number series, alphabetical arrangement of words in the last because they require the some time to solve. On an average 35 minutes are taken to solve this section.
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English Language Time Management Tips

English Section is also bit of time consuming as it includes paragraphs essay to read and then to try the question accordingly. Check proper pattern and English Preparation for bank exam.

  1. Candidate should first attempt the questions of error detection and correction, synonyms and antonyms, etc.
  2. Always go last for comprehension because it will take time to read and locate then doing them.
  3. Please do the rearrangement questions at last because it also takes a lot of time in solving.
  4. Normally around 18 minutes should be taken by the candidate to attempt this section.

General Awareness time management tips –

The General Awareness section should be attempted on second priority because its also a less time consuming section. GK does not have any serious thinking topics and is easy to solve. Normally around 12 minutes this section gets completed because it is easiest part of the exam.  

 Quantitative Aptitude time management tips-

Q.A. section is the second largest part of the exam to solve. It is time consuming because it includes problem-solving questions related to ratios, probability, allegations, profit loss, SI, and CI, etc. Candidate should attempt the questions first whom he/she knows accurately. If the candidate has knowledge of General maths then he/she can do this section in 20 minutes but candidates should maintain average 35 minutes to solve this section.

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Computer time management tips –

Computer section should be solved accordingly on the knowledge level of the candidate because if the candidate is having average knowledge then he or she will take around 10 minutes to solve but candidates who don't have knowledge of computers can take 15-20 minutes to get it done.You have just to tick the correct answer because there are no problem-solving questions in this part. All questions are related to knowledge of theory.

Time Management for PO exam

Computer: 10 minutes

General Awareness: 12 minutes

English Language: 18 minutes

Quantitative aptitude: 35 minutes

Reasoning: 35 minutes

Time divided: 110 minutes

Total time: 120 minutes


So, in the end we would suggest you to maintain proper speed in the exam and do your study in accordance to proper time management and study plan accordingly. IBPS exams are mix and mash of both easy and difficult . Hence, the candidate should have a proper speed and a view to manage time adequately during exam.

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टाइम मैनेजमेंट टिप्स फॉर इबपस बैंक एग्जाम

टाइम मैनेजमेंट टिप्स फॉर आईबीपीएस बैंक एग्जाम

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