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Venn diagram Questions answers tricks for bank exam

Venn-Diagrams.fwVenn diagram questions shortcuts tricks & tips

In this section, we will study about the “Venn diagram(वेन आरेख)” in the reasoning section of the IBPS bank exam and others.This topic is important for the preparation for Prelims exam and Mains exam. These questions have some tricks and tips for solving them. Applicant must check that how to solve questions and with an explanation. Candidate can download these notes in PDF format.

What is Venn diagram

The main work of this section is to check or test the ability of candidate by giving relations between some items or a group in the form of diagram. It is based on some question on shape i.e. circles. You have to choose a figure which represents the given words.

Tips for solving Venn diagram

  1. If all the things in the question are different then it shows in different circles. Like Elephant, tree and man are different because they have no relation between them. Hence represent in three different circles.v1
  2. If the first thing is related to second thing and second thing to third thing as shown in figure .Like Ship, Ocean and Sailor are depend to each other because a ship sails in the ocean, in the same way a Sailor sails in the Ocean in Ship.v2
  3. If two things are depended to the third thing then Venn diagram is shown as figure. Like Elephant ,Cow ,Mammal In this Elephant and cow are depend upon mammal category as shown in figure.v3
  4. If there is some interconnection between two things and these two related with third one then Venn diagram is. Like cats, pet animals and animals then cats and pet animals are related to each other and vice-versa. But all cats and pets animals are belong to animals.v4
  5. If two things are completely different from each other but are connected to some point but not completely to the third thing then shown in figure. Like Mens, Women, Doctors. Both men and women are different but some mens as well as some womens are doctors.v5
  6. If all three things are interconnected to each other but not completely then Venn diagram is. Like Men, Professors, Engineers. Some Professors may be Men vice-versa, some Engineers may be Men vice-versa, and some Professors may be Engineers and vice- versa.v6
  7. If two things are completely interconnected to each other and third one is totally different from two then diagram is. Like Ocean, Earth, Sun. Ocean is a part of an Earth but sun is totally different from these two.v7
  8. If the first item is related to the second item completely and the third item is related to first and second item to some extent, then diagram is. Like Men, Fathers, Doctors. All Fathers are Men. Some Men and some Fathers may be Doctors.v8
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Reading note on Venn diagram and more get score in IBPS Clerk, IBPS PO thus qualify IBPS Result.

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